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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pineapple Quilt

Last Summer I made a Pineapple quilt. I wanted to experiment with different machine quilting designs, so I had a LOT of fun! My favorite part of the quilt is the blue chevron with the vertical stitching.

I felt this was a super summery quilt, and it looks right at home next to the water. It makes me want to have a picnic... With pineapples and watermelon. :)

This is a closeup of some of the detailing. All the machine stitching were patterns/inspirations from Natalia Bonner's Next Steps in Machine Quilting.

This was the first time I used an exciting print for the binding instead of a solid color. I love the colors together.

I haven't used this quilt yet... I felt it was special since a lot of time went into the quilting, so I've kept it in my closet for now. But quilts are meant to be used, so I'll bring it out next summer!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Catan Themed Quilt

I'm proud to say I just finished my first quilt ever! :) I started with the idea in January and finished at the end of May. This includes drafting the pattern, cutting and sewing the fabric into blocks and learning how to free-motion machine quilt!

The theme of the quilt is Settlers of Catan (the board game). One thing I’ve realized in the last year is that most people are in the Catan closet. Whenever someone hears that my friends and I play Catan pretty often, they get excited and talk about how much they love the game too. In honor of our countless hours spent trading sheep and pissing off our friends (we take our Catan seriously), I decided to dedicate a quilt to the table-top game.

I started out by sketching a few different design options, and settled on doing blocks of each resource from the game (wood, wheat, brick, rock [ore] and “mouton” [sheep/wool]). From trial and error, I learned a few pattern piecing design rules to simplify the process. In the finished quilt, you can see my learning curve from one block to the next. In a way, I embraced the imperfections and I think that adds some charm to the overall look.

I had a lot of fun learning how to machine quilt. I practiced some different free-motion quilting on scrap quilt sandwiches before attacking the real quilt. I ended up going with a stippling stitch, which I read is a good beginner stitch. I love the idea that each quilter's stipple is like a thumbprint: you develop your own style over time.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

eReader Case for Jamie


Two weeks ago Jamie (my roommate) asked me to make her a case for her eReader. She picked out the fabric and I was happy to make a padded case for her!

The case has fusible fleece interfacing as well as a 1/4 inch padding on both sides to add extra protection.

I used a stitch from my new sewing machine that looks like little snowflakes. They add a little decorative effect. :)

That's it for now. More designs to come! Send me a message if you're interested in having your own custom made cozy. :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Quilt In Progress

For the past few months, I’ve been working on my second quilt. (I started a small quilt with my grandma when I was 10 and still have it halfway finished in my treasure trunk). I only realized how slightly crazy I was when I was about halfway through the design of this quilt—I had never made a quilt on my own before, and here I was designing one from scratch. Looking back, maybe I should have followed a pattern instead of tackling on this project, but it’s much more satisfying this way!

There’s so much more I could say, but I want to save it for when I show off the finished quilt. For now, I’ll give you a sneak peak of one of the finished blocks.

If you know me well, you can probably tell what the theme of the quilt is based off this one block… It’s one of five resources from a popular game. Guess it yet? It’s Settlers of Catan themed! I’ll have more to say about this later.

This was one of the more complicated blocks I designed. There were 35 pieces in total, with the smallest being only 0.5 inch wide! Pressing each seam took some time, but after getting into a rhythm it wasn’t too bad. I really like how it turned out.

At this moment I'm about 90% done the quilt. All that's left is quilting the top, and making/sewing on the binding. Sounds easier said than done, since I'm going to be attempting to free-motion quilt (something completely new to me!). I just bought the necessary quilting feet for my sewing machine in the last few months, so I'm ready to tackle on this last step! :)


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mac Case for Sara

A few weeks ago, my friend Sara asked me to make her a case for her new Mac laptop. Sara's a personal trainer and life coach, and agreed to give me a fascial stretch therapy session in exchange for the case.

She came over and we quickly went over what type of case she wanted. I sketched a few options for her, and ultimately she liked the eReader case that I had on my nightstand which is similar to the case I ended up making for her.

Sara wanted protection for her laptop, so I sewed in a 1/4 inch foam I got at Fabricville on both sides of the case. It was my first time using this padding, and I like the end result! I'll definitely be using it again in future projects.

I plan on making a simple PDF pattern for this case in the near future--stay tuned!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Learning To Sew - Tank Top

Last year I experimented sewing with spandex fabric. Having never sewn anything other than bags and cases, starting my adventure into making clothing with stretchy and form-fitting fabric was probably a stretch of my abilities. Although the shorts I made myself are wearable, they aren't the great quality I was hoping for. So I decided to go back to basics to teach myself how to sew basic clothing before tackling custom fit spandex again.

The first pattern I tried was the Alice Tank Top from The Magic Pattern Book by Amy Barickman. I absolutely love how it turned out! The pattern was easy to follow and even offered alteration options. For example, I decided to add an elastic to the back of the top. Without the elastic, the top would have been a little too boxy for my taste.

I used the adjustable dress form I received as a gift to drape the fabrics I bought from Fabricville for 2$/meter (score!) to help choose which colours I was going to use. I had to use one layer of the dark blue fabric to line the bottom portion of the top to avoid any transparency issues. To do this, I just repeated the same steps to create the bottom outer layer.

The top fits great, and I love the types of fabric I used. Now I have to pick which pattern I'll be trying next... Maybe something for this Summer.